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Bet You Didn't Know You Could Use An Apron For...

When you think of aprons, typically the first thing that comes to mind is…cooking or baking. The reasoning for this is most likely because those professions are the ones that we see and are exposed to on an everyday basis.

So, think about it with us for a second. Think about aprons for more than the uses we’re so familiar with. Think of aprons as more than just something for chefs, baking, serving and bartending when working or apart of their uniforms. The obvious is that aprons are something worn while working environments or for personal use to protect clothing, which will always be efficient and necessary.

But, what are some other instances that in today’s “more than practical” thinking where aprons would be used? Well, we took it upon ourselves to think of some “out of the box” examples that will hopefully change, and broaden your outlook on the beloved apron.

Things You Didn’t Realize Aprons Are Perfect For:

  • Gardening: Sure, home aprons are the perfect for cooking and baking. But, what about the everyday gardener? It’s still important to protect your clothes and look good while planting some tomatoes and flowers!  

  • As a Gift: Aprons are the perfect gift whether they’re customized, given as a birthday, housewarming or holiday gift! Also, a completely original and different idea. Aprons are something that everyone can benefit from, but a lot of times it just slips their minds when it comes to actually purchasing time! So, do it for them. An apron as a gift is sure to make a lasting and happy memory. 

  • “Smock” Replacement: If there’s one thing we are certain of, it’s that regardless of the activity, kids will most likely make some kind of mess. Another great alternative to an apron, are kids aprons. Letting your little one chooses their apron for fun arts and crafts, cooking classes or even just as an accessory makes any activity instantly more exciting (and clean).

  • Decorating: Who said aprons have to be just for wearing purposes? There are all different types of aprons out there today that getting creative is a must! Try decorating your kitchen or living space with some trendy aprons to give that homely and unique touch to any home design. 

So, there you have it. Maybe you’ve heard of some of these other uses, maybe these are brand new (and awesome) ideas we brought to light. Either way, aprons are something that have been around for hundreds of years and will continue to be in our lives for hundreds more. We’re sure as we progress there will be more unique, exciting and trendy new ways to use or own aprons; and we’re very happy about that.