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Summertime Alternative Date Ideas

As the weather continues to heats up and summertime quickly approaches, our eagerness to get out, explore and do more activities heightens. When it comes to date night, going out for dinner or to the movies is always nice, but there are so many other creative and fun options available that should be taken advantage of.

Whether you’re surprising your special someone with a full evening planned of some summertime fun, or you’re rallying the girls up for a “girls’ night out,” these three enjoyable and different date ideas (centered around wearing aprons and being hands-on) are fun and exciting for everyone.

Option 1: Attend a cooking class or lessons
Recently, turning date night into not only a culinary, but learning experience is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you prefer to schedule a personal chef to come to your home and instruct you and whomever you choose how to create a meal, or buy a single or package of cooking classes or lessons, multiple options are available. Cooking together is a great idea because not only does it lend a new skill to be learned, but also a bonding experience. Many people feel closer and more like a team when they are able to work together to complete a finished product they can enjoy together.

Option 2: Paint or make some pottery
Almost everywhere you go, a place where you can paint and design specific pottery to your liking is accessible. Places like, “Color Me Mine” and those alike, lend props to our second alternative date night selection. This option is great if chosen to go the painting route because each individual is able to pick out a specific piece of pottery (whether it be a mug, plate, piggy bank, etc. the options are unlimited) to paint and make their own. It’s incredibly fun, personable and relaxing. But maybe just painting some pottery is not your thing. Maybe you and your date would prefer to start from scratch and go to a physical class (and secretly re-create that scene from the movie Ghost). The beauty about this option is that it is completely customizable, just like your finished piece! 

Option 3: Painting with a Twist 
Painting with a twist or paint and sip, the list of names goes on, is taking over not only social media, but date night and girls nights all over! Personally, our favorite option out of the three, finding a local place that offers these painting nights is fun no matter who you choose to share the experience with. Being able to select which day or evening you attend (by selecting which painting gets the creative juices flowing), and reserving the number of necessary seats is just the beginning. The cool thing about places like this is that they allow you to bring snacks that suit your fancy; as well as alcoholic beverages of your choice to sip on as you paint. Taking a normal painting experience to a whole new level the vibe on a night like this is nothing short of complete joy.

Although there are many other options for date nights, ranging from attending concerts, museums, sporting events, etc. These three alternative and hands-on creative date nights we have selected really help to generate a night that is full of creativity and fun, as well as some great memories.