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Which Apron Style Is Right For Your Business?

There are a million different types of businesses throughout the world that provide millions of different types of services. To be a business owner of a business takes a lot of strength, organization and optimism. There is so much that happens in a day sometimes even in an hour that could go one way or another. Being able to step up to the plate and handle multiple people and multiple situations (good and bad) occurring at once takes a very business savvy individual.  

Making decisions all day for staff, along with the business, can be a lot of pressure and at times stressful. One of those things is deciding what uniforms are right for the staff members. A majority of businesses, not just in America, but throughout the world reside in the Food and Beverage and Hospitality industry. Whether that industry be restaurant, hotel, baking, nursing, etc. The sectors are endless and constantly developing. One key thing that all of these careers have in common is the use of aprons in their jobs.

Aprons are important to the food and beverage and hospitality industry as they provide protection, convenience and a sense of uniformity for staff. As mentioned, being a business owner comes with a lot of executive decisions being made. Uniforms, and therefore aprons are a part of those decisions and although may not seem like a big deal on a grander scale, really does set the tone for not only the business, but the working staff.

There are countless options when it comes to choosing the right apron. Deciding between fabrics, such as: cotton, denim, polyester, or vinyl are just the tip of the iceberg in available options. The beauty of aprons is that everything is entirely customizable to the customer and gives the possibilities of a variety of colors, lengths, patterns, and even the option for embroidery and screen printing logos for a business executive to choose from.

So, how does one know what style apron is the right decision when it comes to an individual’s business and staff? First, understanding the staff as a whole and how they run is important in making this choice. Second, the tone that the owner wants to set for his or her business. How they are viewed, perceived and remembered all starts with how the staff and business is presented to the consumers. Third is style. Making them unique and fitting for the company’s mission and what it stands for. Putting individual style and taste throughout the entire establishment shows a sense of pride and confidence. Choosing the style of apron that blends in with the atmosphere helps these consumers and customers to gain insight into the business itself.

A number of styles exist and serve an individual purpose for both business and personal use. The four main styles include: bib aprons, bistro aprons, cobbler aprons, and waist aprons. Continue below to read and learn more that might help in deciding which style best suits specific needs.

Bib Apron: Most standard within busy working environments. Bib aprons help to fully protect clothes from potential accidents within the work environment. They primarily are longer in length and run to the thigh or knee area. They lay over clothing or uniforms nicely and are adjustable for individual comfort. For the likes of artists, painters, cooks, bakers, butchers, hair stylists, etc. bib aprons are an excellent choice. 

Bistro Apron: Mostly common in the restaurant industry is the bistro apron. Worn by chefs, as well as wait staff, the bistro apron makes working easier by having the capability of choosing a half or full-length apron with access to tie at the waist and pockets for convenience. Bistro aprons also provide a uniform and professional appearance for the wait staff. For reference, bistro aprons can likely be seen at a more upscale and formal restaurant.   

Cobbler Apron: Cobbler aprons are typical within the hospitality industry. Offering full clothing guard by covering the entire upper body from front to back. Commonly seen in hospitals with nurses, as well as in factories and nurseries, the practicality of the front (2) pockets and adjustable ties on either side allow for comfort and control. 

Waist Apron: Waist aprons are also used in the hospitality and food and beverage industry for most staff members. The ties around the waist and pockets are great for when it comes to servers. The waist apron is also a great option for at home cooks, bakers, bartenders and baristas. Offered in a variety of different colors, styles and fabrics which allow to make the waist apron unique and trendy for each individual business.

Ultimately, the decision in what style suits a business best is a decision that each individual owner will need to make at some point. Remembering that the choice made should be unique and selective but also a key accessory in the representation of the business. So, try to make it fun, creative and true to the standards the company holds.