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Orange Aprons

Aprons have been around for hundreds of years; from a simple piece of cloth tied around the waist, to stylishly long aprons for various working environments, aprons are truly versatile and very popular. Aprons or a great benefit to have in the workplace, as they protect your clothing and also give you a great surface to wipe your hands when needed. With so many different styles available, aprons can be seen in many different working environments.

Since aprons are so versatile to use at home, they reduce your laundry load as you don't have to change clothes that often. They keep your clothes from giving dirty or damaged, and if you remove your apron you more presentable to the guests without having to do a wardrobe change.

When you buy aprons, you can benefit from and affordable, that offers a lot of protection and easy to wear. With so many styles available, you will easily find an apron that suits your personal needs. You can choose from various colors, for example, orange aprons that make a great addition to your wardrobe. It’s a bright and bold color that will definitely attract attention. You can also add your company logo and slogan to these aprons, as this will allow customers to immediately recognize your employees.

Orange Aprons

Orange aprons are available in various shades ranging from mango to darker orange. Popular apron styles including bib, waist, bistro and cobbler are available with different pocket options. In addition to adult styles, you can also buy a complete line of kids’ orange aprons.

Popular items include our mango bib apron, which has three pockets for added convenience. The neck strap is also adjustable, to provide the perfect fit. These bib aprons are perfect when working in a kitchen environment, as they allow you to protect your clothing while still being able to move around freely. You can also buy bib aprons in other pocket configurations, materials, and colors.

If orange aprons are for you, another popular choice you can consider is our orange butcher apron. This apron is made from a polyester and cotton blend, and the two-piece easy slide neck adjustment allows you to adjust the apron to your preferred length for additional comfort. Butcher aprons are very convenient to wear, as they are comfortable and very effective in a kitchen environment.

Styles of Aprons

Choosing the right type of apron will depend on your unique requirements. There are different styles of aprons that you can choose from, including bib aprons, bistro aprons, cobbler aprons, and waist aprons. Each of these offers their own benefits, and they can fit in perfectly with the rest of your uniform at work.

Bib aprons are very popular and they come in a variety of lengths and styles. The perfect in front of your clothing effectively, and you can also choose them in a longer length. You can choose from various pocket configurations, as well as material types. A great idea is to use a striped or patterned bib apron to add style to your outfit. A great example is a black pinstripe bib apron.

Bistro aprons are also very popular and they are often used by chefs and other restaurant staff members. You can choose these bistro aprons in various lengths, depending on the style that you want. Striped bistro aprons are always stylish, and add a bit of variety to your outfit. These aprons died around the waist and they are easily adjustable fit any body type.

Cobbler aprons provide the most protection as they cover your clothing at the front and back. The coming different, which allow you to have a very versatile apron as you can carry accessories with you. Cobbler aprons, usually worn by homemakers, and they are also popular in the healthcare industry, and even in art and craft shops. They provide complete protection for your clothing, which is why they are so popular. They also tie around the waist, on each side, so they are completely adjustable.

Buying Aprons

When it comes to buying aprons, you can choose from various lengths, pocket configurations, colors, and styles. Orange aprons are popular, and there are more than 20 other colors to choose from. Most aprons come in different lengths as well, with multiple style options too. Whether you want to use an apron at home or buy aprons for your employees, we have you covered. We offer different apron collections too, including server aprons, kids’ aprons, holiday aprons, bar aprons and more.

As a leading apron store, offers a huge selection of aprons. From bib aprons to stylish cobbler aprons – we have an apron for your every need. Our aprons are available in many different colors, as well as material choices and pocket configurations. We also offer the option of buying aprons in bulk, to allow you to have aprons available for your staff at a moment’s notice. You can choose aprons for your specific work environment, and even have them customized for your business.  

If you are interested in adding a company logo or customization to your apron, please get in touch or visit our embroidery section. We’ll even email you a free virtual sample, or a physical sample for a small fee.

For more information about our selection of aprons, please don’t hesitate to get in touch