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Restaurant Aprons

Chances are that if you work in the food and beverage or hospitality industry, an apron is a common everyday sight. Specifically, restaurant aprons. These aprons can be seen in the common styles of: bib aprons, bistro aprons and waist aprons.

Depending on what type of restaurant environment you work in, what your specific job or role is and what type of uniform you wear, the style of apron can vary. However, all three styles are great for people working in the restaurant industry for multiple reasons. They are practical. Because things can sometimes get hectic within a restaurant, wearing an apron is a perfect place to store a menu pad, pens or pencils, straws, etc. They are durable and protective. Restaurant aprons can withstand a lot of spills and stains. They help to protect your clothing or uniform acting as a type of “shield.” They are also professional. When working in the food and beverage industry, wearing a uniform is pertinent so that customers know who to approach. Employees wearing aprons not only helps customers identify who works there, but is a great way to showcase a professional and cohesive team.

When it comes to purchasing restaurant aprons, we highly recommend taking advantage of our discount savings. The larger in quantity of aprons that you purchase, the more discount savings you will earn! This is a great idea especially for restaurant managers, restaurant owners, etc. Ordering in bulk assures that all employees will have an apron, and even some back-ups should one be necessary!

All aprons are able to be customized with either screen printing or embroidery making them individual and unique for every order! Place your company logo on it, or embroider your friends, employees or business name right on your personalized apron. With options and even better prices, is sure to have the restaurant aprons you have been looking for!